Sean has delivered workshops and keynote speeches all over the country on entrepreneurship, digital marketing, product strategy, and how to live more meaningful lives. Request Sean to speak.



Many individuals achieve tremendous success in their careers, only to arrive in their 30s and 40s wondering what it’s all for. In this talk, we walk through why this happens and discuss a 6-step process for solving for it. Participants will walk away understanding how to craft a compelling vision for their life, devise a concrete plan to get there, and how to implement systems and routines to make their plans actually happen.

The Personal Operating System

In this presentation we discuss how anyone can develop greater control over their lives, develop deeper relationships, and pursue mastery through the intelligent application of 4 critical life systems. We'll discuss each system in detail and provide concrete examples for how participants can progressively integrate them into their lives.


In this presentation we discuss how any organization with a service-based component can systematically architect magical customer experiences. We will introduce the Business Script, a process to achieve true differentiation through the intelligent design of compelling experiences, leading to happier customers and a more engaged team.


IBM Thinkleaders

In this episode Sean discusses digital innovation, the importance of cultural change to bake digital in the DNA of a company. We also get into the need for innovation teams to have buy-in at the highest levels, churn rates, scalability versus product-market fit, the importance of onboarding, and finding the path to profitability for a SaaS startup.


In this episode Sean discusses the studio model of Manifold, finding operational leverage in startups, marketing through podcasts, and how Sean organizes his life.


In this conversation, Sean is joined by his wife as they discuss how they've used the Getting Things Done (GTD) methodology to help them run their lives as dual income executives with small kids and an active social life.

My START-UP journey

In this conversation, Sean talks about how he became a creative director, entrepreneur & VC. Later, he gives great advice around insights he's noticed among Kellogg students, and gives the advice to work hard and volunteer for everything.


In this episode Sean discusses how he became a designer and product person, what he learned building his own company, becoming a professor, and a venture capitalist. He also talks about doing free work in order to develop skills, discuss his favorite books, how to get reps, and other strategies for building your personal portfolio.


In this conversation, Sean discusses how enterprise organizations can be more successful with innovation, how they can think like investors and spread risk, how corporate innovation teams can operate more like venture funds, how to grow in a more systematic way, and much more.

The Actualized Self

In this conversation, Sean discusses his background and origin story of his company, the benefits of agency business models, alternatives to venture capital, why he deliberately violates the rules of personal branding, nuances to product development, why enterprise companies struggle with innovation, technology trends, and how to design a well-lived life.


In this episode Sean talks about his book SIP, why he believes entrepreneurship is the best thing you can teach kids to be competitive in a rapidly changing world.


In this episode Sean talks about his book SIP, and how he build a curriculum to help his kids learn entrepreneurship. He discusses why it's important to teach kids about business and money, and shares strategies for how to do it.


In this episode Sean talks about the importance of customer development and validating product ideas before building them, the different levers that can be pulled to dive growth, why internal growth teams are important, and much more.


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