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We've never met. But I know something about you

You built your business to serve your life. But instead it has consumed it. You make money. But at the end of the month you wonder where it went. It’s hard to find great people and harder to keep them. With every step forward, you take two steps back. You're constantly putting out fires. Solving urgent problems at the expense of strategic thinking or (gasp) taking some time off.

You want to rediscover the vision you had when you started. You want a path toward sustainable scale. A way to break free from the tyranny of the day to day.

You long to build a great company that serves your customers and fulfills your team. A business that runs consistently, profitably, without consuming your every waking moment.

I help business owners do just that.

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I am one of the founding partners at Manifold, a venture holding company in Chicago. During the 12 years I was there we built a 70-person boutique enterprise consulting company, invested in over 25 companies with several exits, built an incubation practice, and raised over $50 million in funding.

I have spent 9 years at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management in the Entrepreneurship and Innovation program.

My aggregate experience has given me a unique lens into the startup, venture, agency and enterprise environments.


I don’t run your business for you. I don’t make your decisions or tell you what to do.

I’m also not a therapist. We often will talk about the life your are creating and how to thrive at a personal level in addition to work. But there are plenty of thorny issues I’m not equipped to help with.

What I do is listen. Ask questions. Help you process difficult situations and arrive at plans of action you feel good about. Hold you accountable to move those plans forward.

I provide support and guidance to help you build a business that can scale while giving you the life you've always wanted.

Along the way, I help you:

Ultimately, I help you perform at a higher level, building a business or career you’re proud of that fits into the larger context of your life.

Identify a plan to make meaningful progress in your work and life during a free 45 minute coaching call.

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