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SIP. How to help kids taste entrepreneurship and build the best lemonade stand ever.

This is a book about how to make a lemonade stand.

But it’s also a book about how to give kids confidence and teach them skills that will help them throughout their lives.

When COVID hit, my wife and I made the decision to home school our 7 and 10 year old kids for the year. While both keeping full time jobs.

It was one of the most difficult but most rewarding things we’ve ever done.

Our curriculum included most of the things you typically think of. Math, writing, science, history, and grammar were weekly staples.

But the ONE thing I wanted to make sure we included was entrepreneurship. And so we started a lemonade stand.

But it’s safe to say it was not a normal lemonade stand. We didn’t put a card table out with a handwritten sign in front of our house.

  • Our lemonade stand had a brand and a logo.
  • It had a website.
  • It had lawn signs.
  • They did market research and sourced ingredients to maximize profit.
  • They had custom packaging.
  • They priced it 10x higher than every other lemonade stand we saw.
  • They had a spreadsheet tracking their revenues and costs.

I’ll never forget the first day they opened for business. They were super nervous at first. But that melted away as soon as they got their first sale.

In 90 minutes they sold out, and made over $100.

I remember them sitting on our couch counting their money. Their eyes were huge. I explained to them that they had just made more than just about every high school and college kid with a job.

They were hooked. Two little entrepreneurs were born. They couldn’t wait to get back out there.

But the bigger surprise was the feedback. Throughout the summer dozens of parents asked me how we did all of this. When I shared what I was doing on social media, the feedback was even more overwhelming. Parents and teachers all over the country were craving a curriculum that could teach their kids the skills of entrepreneurship.

I wanted to give them their kids the same feeling I gave my own. And so I decided to write this book.

In this book I walk you through the exact curriculum we did with our kids. I also include links to all the worksheets, templates, and spreadsheets we used to manage the business.