Sean Johnson

A Bright Red Package is now free to read online

Learn how any college student can position themselves to find a great job after college. The entire book is now free.

Six years ago this week I finished writing a book about how college students can find great jobs after college. This week, I’ve decided to put the entire book online, for free.

In truth, A Bright Red Package isn’t only about how to find a job. It’s also about how to transform yourself into someone anyone would love to hire. Indeed, there have been dozens of emails over the years from people who were already in the working world who still got value out of the book.

The ideas of identifying a personal position for yourself, working like mad to live up to it through the development of a compelling portfolio of work, and then projecting it out to the world through a disciplined, generous approach to networking are applicable to everyone.

If you find yourself looking for a job immediately, you might want to skip to the final chapter on putting together your job marketing campaign. There are plenty of ideas, some of which are a little contrarian, which have helped many others find great and land great opportunities.

In the coming months, I plan to update and revise some of the material based on the tools and techniques that have emerged since it was first written. I also plan to provide additional tools and resources to help students take advantage of the lessons in the book. But that will have to wait until I’m out from under the mountain of work I currently have.

Until then, I hope you or someone you love finds something useful in here. I’m confident that embracing some of the ideas in here will change not only their job search, but their professional lives.

Your can read A Bright Red Package free here.

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