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Taking it seriously

What does it mean to act like God actually meant what he said?

What if believing isn’t the point?

What if the wide path and the narrow path don’t mean what most of us think they mean?

clearing logs from the river, only to miss the dam

I’m often told (by folks that read this) that I’m too hard on myself. And for years I’ve countered that internally with the thought that I’m probably not hard enough. But maybe everyone’s right and I’m wrong. I’ve written ad nauseum about my problems, my shortcomings, my character flaws, my imperfections. I’ve publicly berated myself […]

Makes you want to be an Athiest

For all my character flaws, I feel as though I’m generally a pretty good natured guy. But these past few weeks I’ve been extremely angry. The majority of clients we work with are fantastic – good natured, easy going, and excited to be collectively striving to acheive a shared goal. But once in a while […]

Everything I know about original sin I learned in diapers

On those rare occasions when I find myself in a conversation about the inherent goodness of people, I like to talk about kids. I went back to Colorado again this past weekend to look for wedding sites. While we were back there we spent some time with my parents, and they ended up showing Michelle […]

The Season of Giving

The season of giving is supposedly upon us, but as in years past I’m a bit of a humbug. It seems as though I’m not alone.

Why We Love Stories

The Bible is just a crutch. God is a belief system that man created to make ourselves feel better. We like to be drawn into a story, and that’s what this old book is – a story. Passed down from generation to generation, probably embellished and changed as the years have passed. It’s a myth, […]

Rediscovering Love

I had a very interesting conversation with a coworker the other night. It started with a conversation about job stuff but quickly turned into a talk about the meaning of life (it’s officially a trend.) I explained to her why I see us not as evil people but broken people who are missing something very […]

Why Meaning Matters

Had an interesting conversation with a budding improv comedian and weekend philosopher last night. The conversation was over drinks, and as such it jumped from topic to topic every 15 seconds or so. But looking back it seems the heart of the conversation was about meaning. My friend asserted that by focusing on meaning (referring […]

Missing the point

You’d be amazed at how many people get upset when they learn that I really don’t care about the whole evolution vs. creationism thing. My Christian friends wonder how I can not care about a debate that is so pivotal to the “Christian cause.” They wonder how something as big and important as the origin […]