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Posts in Philosophy

How to become a deep person

Deep people aren’t the most clever or the most eloquent. They’re the most rooted.

Small Things With Great Love

An argument for making smaller resolutions.

The problem with red tights

Why most of us, when looking to pinpoint evil, are looking in the wrong places.

3 Easy Steps

Your life is difficult. People around you are happy – what’s their secret? What if you could have everything you ever wanted in 20 minutes a day, just by following a simple formula?

What if your long-term goals weren’t long-term?

A quick story about goals, delayed gratification, and the American mindset.


Learning to let go of the desire to “own” things.

Feigning Unbelief

Frustration rears it’s head after another lengthy conversation with an unbeliever of their beliefs.


When you’re in elementary school, you start a club. A spy club, or a ninja club, or a boys club or a treehouse club. And in doing so you create your own little world, something you identify with. You and your select group of friends who are in your club suddenly have something that other […]

Grow Up

When I was in college, I skipped a lot of class. I used to rationalize it by saying to myself I was busy with other things. I was running a couple student groups, I was coaching football, I was working a job, I was spending a lot of time at the local bookstore reading marketing […]

Dart Practice

It’s a little embarassing when people ask me what my fiance and I talk about when we’re alone. Embarassing because the conversations usually go something like this: Person 1: What kind of tree is that? Person 2: You’re a tree. Person 1: You’re a leaf. Person 2: You’re a fig. Person 1: You’re a newton. […]