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The Day You Stop Being Curious Is The Day Your Career Dies

The importance of creating and maintaining a creative habit.

Why I asked to be removed from the Techweek 100

The difference between who you are and who you want to be.

Why people shouldn’t love you for who you are.

Four reasons why you should want people to expect more of you.

Why you need more margin in your life

Why lack of margin is hurting you, and how to fix it.

Salt used wisely

No one eats salt by itself.

Life is a race

“The desperate need today is not for a greater number of intelligent people, or gifted people, but for deep people.”
~ Richard Foster

4 things I learned in 2009

A quick look back at one of the biggest years of my life.

Eight Life Hacks

Simple things I do to “cheat the system”


In the midst of all the food and the parades and the football, Thanksgiving is about realizing how great we have it. It’s a realization we desperately need.

10 things I do to manage my time more effectively

Lots of books, blogs and seminars have been created to address the concepts of time management, and for the past year I’ve read a ton of them. I’ve been soaking up information on how others bring order to their lives, creating more time and taking better advantage of the time they have.