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13 ways to turn your career into an f-ing rocket ship

There are no silver bullets. But these are damn close.

Want to Get Ahead? Start Playing Politics.

21 Ways to Become The Most Effective Person in Your Company

5/25/150: The Secret of the Best Networker I Ever Met

How a simple spreadsheet will make you the most connected person in town.

How ANYONE can make insanely better slides

Great presentation making skills can be an incredible force multiplier in your career. Here’s how to make them well.

You’re Not Working As Hard as You Can

11 ways to bring your A-Game to work (and life).

The One Metric That Matters In Life

What number are you using to define your life? And what number should you be using instead?

The Day You Stop Being Curious Is The Day Your Career Dies

The importance of creating and maintaining a creative habit.

Why I asked to be removed from the Techweek 100

The difference between who you are and who you want to be.

Why people shouldn’t love you for who you are.

Four reasons why you should want people to expect more of you.

Why you need more margin in your life

Why lack of margin is hurting you, and how to fix it.

Life is a race

“The desperate need today is not for a greater number of intelligent people, or gifted people, but for deep people.”
~ Richard Foster

Eight Life Hacks

Simple things I do to “cheat the system”

10 things I do to manage my time more effectively

Lots of books, blogs and seminars have been created to address the concepts of time management, and for the past year I’ve read a ton of them. I’ve been soaking up information on how others bring order to their lives, creating more time and taking better advantage of the time they have.

1040 Marbles

A jar of marbles can change a man’s life.