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Ten Years Sleepwalking

It’s about time I started to care about something other than myself.

Shadow missions

There are two kinds of missions in this world, and while both come from the same place, the results of each couldn’t be more different.

Grow Up

When I was in college, I skipped a lot of class. I used to rationalize it by saying to myself I was busy with other things. I was running a couple student groups, I was coaching football, I was working a job, I was spending a lot of time at the local bookstore reading marketing […]

A great man

Manhood is a diffiult thing to accomplish. In the past few weeks, I’ve had a number of female friends talk with me at length about their difficulty in ‘finding a good man.’ Indeed, this seems to be something that plagues most women I’ve met (other than the ones I’ve dated, of course.) On occasion I’ve […]

Life, love, and the pursuit of being clever

I saw Capote last night. Pretty disturbing film. It made me think back to when I was doing my best writing, my most vigorous thinking. It was at a time in my life when I was most unhappy. My business was struggling, my relationship of 4 years had come to an end…it was a pretty […]

Lazy Sunday

Every few weeks I get reminded that I work too much. I have a day like today, a day spent at the house watching Walk The Line, eating and being unproductive…and it noticably upsets me. I like to work, and when I don’t I feel as though I’m wasting time. What is that? I believe […]

Wine, cheese and entrepreneurship

Had a great dinner last night with some good friends at work, and the discussion turned to my love for entrepreneurship. Why do I think that it’s such a noble and worthwhile endeavor? Why do I believe in it so much? When you see all the ills that are brought upon the world by a […]

Makes you want to be an Athiest

For all my character flaws, I feel as though I’m generally a pretty good natured guy. But these past few weeks I’ve been extremely angry. The majority of clients we work with are fantastic – good natured, easy going, and excited to be collectively striving to acheive a shared goal. But once in a while […]

Everything I know about original sin I learned in diapers

On those rare occasions when I find myself in a conversation about the inherent goodness of people, I like to talk about kids. I went back to Colorado again this past weekend to look for wedding sites. While we were back there we spent some time with my parents, and they ended up showing Michelle […]

Crabs in a box

Conducted a student focus group at a client today, and was amazed at their responses. They were suprisingly, almost shockingly negative about their experience at the school. As they were talking, I was wondering to myself how much of it was the school and how much of it was the group. This particular group of […]