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Presentation: The Ultimate Guide to Funnel Optimization

Discover how smart startups are optimizing each step of the customer development funnel.

The 6 Week Blog Marketing Plan

How to create a blog, get inspired and get traffic in a little over a month.

Neophilia and its casualties

Seth points out an article today in Media Life Magazine about neophilia, an overwhelming, compulsive love of all things new. Seth rightly points out that this phenomena can easily be found on our coasts and in the tech community, but one would be hard-pressed to find evidence of such an afflicition in, say, Lena, Illionois. […]

if you have to rely on advertising, you’re already in trouble

Seth Godin wrote a good piece today about one of the main excuses people give for not marketing – that they don’t have the time: “Once an organization is up and running, it’s almost impossible to carve out the time to find the marketing vision that will make all the difference.” Marketing is so often […]

The lost art of networking

Ryan Carson talked sales over at the SvN blog. Lots of good stuff, particularly about networking. I dedicated a whole chapter to this in A Bright Red Package – networking represents the number one way to get a job, generate sales, find a vendor or look for employees. The business world is entirely about people, […]

What Are Blogs?

Seth Godin had a very introspective moment yesterday as questioned what exactly blogs are. He has historically prided himself on using his blog to inform and excite its readership – not to contstantly push his books, businesses and other endeavors at us. Interestingly, he views his books as the beginning of a conversation – he’s […]