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5 lessons on pitching to venture capitalists

What I’ve learned in the last six months interacting with VCs.

Why it pays to leave money on the table

The strange paradox of positioning is that the more business you say no to, the better off you do.

Forget About Techcrunch

Taking the tools of Web 2.0 to a Web 1.0 world

The toe-dipper, the speculator, and the bootstrapper

Analyzing three types of entrepreneur

Wine, cheese and entrepreneurship

Had a great dinner last night with some good friends at work, and the discussion turned to my love for entrepreneurship. Why do I think that it’s such a noble and worthwhile endeavor? Why do I believe in it so much? When you see all the ills that are brought upon the world by a […]

“Unrealistic expectations”

What Colin Powell knows.

Don’t box me in

When you make a decision to go in a different direction, don’t be surprised to find resistance from the people who love you the most.

Nurturing passion

Passion comes in many forms. It’s important to recognize it in yourself, and in others.