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An engagement in evergreen

So, I’m engaged. After 16 months of dating, I asked Michelle to marry me in Evergreen, Colorado. Everything was perfect – the town, the smell, the air, the cabin, the port, the fireplace, the meal, the look in her eyes when she realized what was happening. She truly had no idea – wasn’t expecting anything […]

The Man Tree

Every Christmas, my mother goes to great pains to create the perfect holiday home. Everything has its place, from the pictures to the placemats to the candlesticks. The centerpiece is the eleborately decorated tree. The details are meticulous – the colored balls go on the inside of the branches so the soft white light shines […]

Christmas Spirit

I have something of a dilemma – I don’t know what to buy people. In the midst of the bustle of New York, with the faint din of cash registers ringing incessantly around street corners, I haven’t the slightest idea what to give anyone this year. I used to be very good at this sort […]

Don’t celebrate Christmas

Christmas is on Thursday. But make sure you don’t celebrate it.

I love Christmas

Missing it all in the pursuit of it all.