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The problem with red tights

Why most of us, when looking to pinpoint evil, are looking in the wrong places.

The Opportunity in a recession

In all of the fuss about the economic downturn (and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t obsessed with talking about what’s going on these days), I worry that I’m missing out on a chance to do something worthwhile, unusually impactful.

The Saddest Story Ever Told?

The differences between the church of the first few centuries and everything that came after are staggering. I don’t see how a Christian could read about the early church and not think something has gone terribly terribly wrong.

What if believing isn’t the point?

What if the wide path and the narrow path don’t mean what most of us think they mean?

The evils of looking down

It’s amazing what you can tell yourself if you just avoid eye contact.

Kirk Cameron’s a Doofus

Why attempting to scientifically prove God is a fruitless, pointless exercise.

The Last Leper Colony

The church had a chance to show compassion and love to one of it’s most loving leaders. The church failed.

Lazy Sunday

Every few weeks I get reminded that I work too much. I have a day like today, a day spent at the house watching Walk The Line, eating and being unproductive…and it noticably upsets me. I like to work, and when I don’t I feel as though I’m wasting time. What is that? I believe […]

Makes you want to be an Athiest

For all my character flaws, I feel as though I’m generally a pretty good natured guy. But these past few weeks I’ve been extremely angry. The majority of clients we work with are fantastic – good natured, easy going, and excited to be collectively striving to acheive a shared goal. But once in a while […]

Forgive me for not forgiving

Truly believing in forgiveness of sin is a tough thing to do.