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I believe the true purpose of a business is to express the values and intent of the owner to the world. It’s an opportunity to practice life. It is a vehicle for freedom, for creativity, for the pursuit of mastery, for artistic expression. It’s a chance to say “this is how I think a company should interact with employees, with customers, with the outside world. This is what matters to me.”

5 Product Lessons from Building a Startup Factory

Over the last three years we’ve helped one third of our clients go from zero to funding. Here’s what I’ve learned during that process.

How to Become a Mentor

You have something valuable to offer people. Here’s how to do it.

The Power of Framework Thinking

How to leverage the tools of million-dollar consultants to skyrocket your career (with 7 sample frameworks you can use today.)

The Career Ladder Isn’t In The Office

A dirty secret about getting ahead: half of it is about what you do when you’re not at the office.

How to be irreplaceable: replace yourself

Why you don’t want to be the only person in the company who does what you do.

Microvation and the radical transformation of your job

Why small innovations well executed can change your life

Don’t get an internship. Start a business.

The three essential skills you learn from entrepreneurship that you can’t learn from a traditional internship.

Why you should burn your resume

A resume should be the least important tool in your career arsenal. Here’s what you need instead.

The 100 Words That Will Get You Hired Anywhere

Why you should show, not tell

Why you can’t be anything you want to be

Why what you were told about work and life was probably a lie, and what you should do instead.

Why you should work for free

Why not getting paid is a great way to get paid.

Always hire the best candidate

How to build a simple, effective candidate filtering system in 7 minutes for less than $100.

Why candor works

Why being open and honest, even about your faults, is a surprisingly good strategy in business and in life.

A Bright Red Package is now free to read online

Learn how any college student can position themselves to find a great job after college. The entire book is now free.

Entitlement and the rule of economic well-being

When life hands you lemons, remember that life didn’t owe you anything else. And then make the best damn lemonade you can.

The one-step servant leadership test

Many people talk a good game about servant leadership, but far fewer actually embody it. The one question to ask to find out.

Leaders, Followers, and Admirers

People often lament that there aren’t enough leaders in the world. But I wonder if the problem is really that there aren’t enough followers.

Recession-proof yourself, part two: care more

“If you want to achieve excellence, you can get there today. As of this second, quit doing less-than-excellent work.” ~ Tom Watson

Recession-proof yourself, Part 1: Work Harder

Part one in a series of posts on transforming your career to survive and thrive in good times and bad.

Maximize revenue in one easy step

Not all customers are created equal – two things to consider when identifying your target market.

Why it pays to leave money on the table

The strange paradox of positioning is that the more business you say no to, the better off you do.

5 things your dad can teach you about business

The new rules of business may be real, but they haven’t replaced the old rules entirely. Here are 5 easy ways to take your career to the next level by learning from your elders.

Why you should destroy your HR department

Why most HR departments, intentionally or not, take a philosophical approach that could become a major liability in a global, idea-based economy.

On the road to becoming a better manager

2008 is going to see yours truly try to become less of a managerial incompetent. Here’s what I’m doing so far towards that end.

How to make any resume better

Six suggestions for dramatically improving most over-scrutinized piece of personal marketing