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A Bright Red Package

The average college graduate takes up to 6 months to find a job, often in a different field and for less money than they wanted. Learn how to position yourself to land the job of your dreams and become a superstar anyone would love to hire.

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Becoming a Bright Red Package

A Bright Red Package is a powerful book that teaches students how to position themselves in the market for terrific jobs. By avoiding the “Shopping Mall” approach to finding a job and focusing on the three components of the PersonalPositioning system, anyone can have guaranteed success.

Why Do I Need This Book?

The average student is taking up to six months to find a job. Many students are being forced to take jobs they don’t really want, for much less than they were hoping to make. Companies that were offering bonuses and stock options just a few years ago are now being much more selective in their hiring processes. And it doesn’t look like anything is going to change soon – economists are predicting a minimum of 18 months before the job market starts to pick up steam.

While the average student is finding it difficult to find a job they’d love, there are still students who are getting offers from top companies to do work they love. The truth is that companies always need superstars to help them grow, no matter what the job market looks like.

So how does a student let employers know that they’re a superstar? A Bright Red Package offers a step-by-step process for transforming anyone into a candidate that employers would love to hire.

What Will I Learn?

A Bright Red Package teaches you how to approach your job hunt in a radically different and powerful way. You’ll learn:

What Am I Waiting For?

In today’s marketing world, it’s hard to believe any promise. But every student I’ve spoken to who has read A Bright Red Package and has put the strategy into action has found a great job. I’m confident this book will not only improve your chances of finding a career, but will change the way you approach your work, your time and your life.

In fact, I am so confident you’ll see value in this book that we’ll give you an unconditional, double your money-back guarantee. I’ll refund your money twice if you think this book was in any way a waste of your time.

There’s absolutely nothing to lose. Pick up your copy today. I’m excited to see what you can do!